Good design improves people’s lives. We want to help each person, family, or organization express their own unique vision of place.

A sense of place is fundamentally created by a series of relationships between people, spaces, and the surrounding context. In the beginning, we collaborate with our clients to create a vision of spaces, both public and private and indoor and outdoor. We discuss where our clients might like to entertain versus where they might like to huddle and dream. We talk about what activities can take place indoors and outdoors. Because a building is always part of a larger context, we work with the surrounding community to ensure that our project responds to its neighborhood.

Although we are architects first, we believe that our dual capacity as architects and contractors allows us to responsibly design simple buildings more elegantly and complex buildings with more care. Like the California Modernists we admire, we endeavor to design from the big idea down to the smallest detail.

We also believe it is possible for architecture to bring people closer to nature. Whether designing to the highest standards of sustainable design or creating outdoor rooms that extend daily living into the landscape, we negotiate our relationship with nature through every design choice we make.

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